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Rahma Bajun is a Tanzanian and the founder of MnM Clothing line. 

Rahma Bajun

Rahma Bajun Founder/CEO MnM Clothings

Indeed young people are creating new stories about Africa, revamping the image of what Africa is, and taking us to the world.
Rahma Bajun, 29, is the founder and Creative Director of MnM Clothing Line, a popular Afro-centric clothing brand in Tanzania that produces affordable clothes, wallets, and other fashion accessories for men and women using the popular East African Kitenge fabric. 

The company has 7 full-time employees and sells its products across East Africa. The Clothing Line started operations in 2016 with a goal to bring back the love of African prints to Tanzanians, Africans, and the world at large by producing quality and classy clothes for both men, women and children, home decors, furniture and other miscellaneous at an affordable price.

Rahma Bajun’s business concepts and creations are driven by the feeling that there was a gap in the market for high quality African prints clothes and items. All the designs are inspired by African cultures, tradition and fashion intended for people of all caliber and age.
In 2018, Bajun was listed in Forbes Magazine, among 30 most young promising entrepreneurs in Africa.

Rahma Bajun is one of our young Africans who are working hard not just to give Africa a new face, but to make Africa an easier place for other Africans, and coming generations, to live in. 

We love you. Rahma

Pamela Ogbonna

Pamela is a life coach and a prolific writer who engages in deep conversations with her soul. Her purest thoughts are manifested in those deep conversations which God have gifted her with. She believes that life is for the living and as such make the best of her realities.

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